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Treat Yo' Pets!

by Kamie Roth August 10, 2020

Treat Yo' Pets!

Treat yo’ pet!

Pet owners love to use treats or chews for many different reasons. Such as for training, rewards for good behavior, to support exercise, help ease anxieties, or sometimes just as an added bonus for our beloved four-legged friends! Treats are a great way to grow the bond between you and your pet but be careful of too much of a good thing! Our animal friends rely on us to provide them with all of their nutritional needs and as yummy as some of their treats may be, moderation is a key to happiness!


Feed Treats in Moderation!

Our pets require a complete and balanced diet full of their necessary vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids, and proteins for their specific breed and life stage. Over 56% of dogs in America are overweight and that number is still on the rise! Always know what is in the food that you feed your dog and don’t forget to factor in the treat as a part of their diet. Keeping your pet at their appropriate weight will allow them the opportunity for a longer, happier life, full of adventures and fun!

Not All Treats are Created Equal

How are you supposed to know what to feed your furry friend? There are so many different kinds of treats in the market and it can be extremely intimidating but a helpful place to start is by talking with your local veterinarian to find out your specific pet’s needs. Look for treats that use a balance of fruits/vegetables along with their other ingredients. This will make it easier for your dog to get a balanced diet, with all of their nutritional needs being met, without a lot of the added harmful fats and sugars.

Fruits and Veggies, YUM!

Banana- Low in cholesterol and sodium but high in fiber. Contains potassium, vitamins (including vitamin C) and copper which promotes a healthier heart, better digestion, and increased energy. (Serve in moderation! Bananas are full of sugar)

Apples/Carrots- Great for fiber and antioxidants (vitamins A and C). Texture is good for cleaning teeth and keeping good oral hygiene. (No stinky dog breath!)

Coconut Oil- High in dietary fats that are easy to digest and become a great source of fuel and energy. These “good” fats provide immune, digestive, skin and cognitive benefits.

Sweet Potatoes- Full of vitamins B-6 and C. Also contains potassium that can help with nerve and muscle function and maintaining proper body fluid balance that can benefit kidney function. (Prepare cooked or within a treat, raw potatoes are rough on the digestive system)


Keep your pet away from products containing onions, avocado, chocolate/caffeine, xylitol (artificial sweetener), milk/dairy, and nuts as they can all be toxic to your furry friend!

Majesty’s Recommendations!

Charlee Chews! (Now with K-Thrive)

Majesty’s Charlee Chews are a grain-free, rawhide free and glycerin free chewy treat filled with ingredients that add value to your dog’s diet! The ingredients in Charlee Chews naturally contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to support a healthy immune system. While also using ingredients such as sweet potato, psyllium husk, and carob to help support a healthy digestive system. Charlee Chews are a great alternative to dental sticks and rawhide.

Always check with your veterinarian before giving anything new to your pet.



Horses like getting treats too! But just like with anything else it’s important to keep a healthy balance. Horses like to eat small amounts of food over a continuous basis, so your horse is always going to want another treat! All treats add calories to your horse’s diet so being aware of what you are feeding your horse is very important! Horses have a digestive system that relies on a delicate balance of bacteria and other microbes that are essential to your horse’s intestinal function, where some foods help maintain this balance others do not.

To Feed or Not to Feed

Horses love to snack on all kinds of different sweets ranging from fruits (like apples) to sugar cubes or even the occasional peppermint candy! And every year there are more horse treats hitting the market, full of all different kinds of ingredients, so knowing what’s good for your horse has never been more important!


Apples- Good source of vitamins A and C, fiber, and potassium. Also contains antioxidants that help destroy damaged molecules in the body that often cause inflammation

Carrots- Rich in minerals and vitamins (B, C and K). About 80% water so they are useful for horses on a dry diet

Bananas- High in Potassium (Can be feed with the peel on)

Celery- High in fiber. Contains vitamin A in the form of Retinol which can smooth skin and brighten eyesight. Vitamin C supports damaged tissue and generate collagen, while the phosphorus helps maintain teeth and bone support.

What About Sugar?

         Horses love sugar in almost any form. And while fruits may be the better daily option, an occasional sugar cube or peppermint candy can serve as a sweet treat for your happy horse!

Horses also love chocolate and a small piece won’t hurt anything, but avoid it if your horse competes in events where drug testing is a possibility, as substances in the chocolate can cause a positive test.

Always check with your favored veterinarian before feeding anything new to your horse!

Always avoid!

Onions, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and any other food that tends to produce a lot of intestinal gas. 

Majesty’s Recommendations!



Majesty’s Pillease wafer is a no bake cookie that is both soft and pliable which makes giving your horse it’s required pills or medications a piece of cake! Better yet they contain lecithin, pectin and coconut oil which are known to aide in gut health. These treats are large and can be broken in half if needed to accommodate any size pill or medication or can be used an added daily treat for your beloved pet!


Our pets are a part of our family and it is tempting to want to spoil them with all the treats possible but maintaining healthy treat options will ensure that everyone stays happy and healthy!


By Heather Carter

Kamie Roth


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