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Why give horses Majesty's products?

They are a unique, easy-to-use method of giving supplements to your horse. The advantages are:

  • You see the horse eat the supplement. No more waste!
  • You can herd feed without separating the horses receiving supplements. Now you can simply hand them a wafer!
  • You can pasture without graining at night.
  • The cost is around half that of other supplements with the same supplement levels.

Do all horses need supplements?

No, not every horse needs a supplement. Always check with your veterinarian and farrier before beginning any supplement.

What makes Majesty's Wafers™ different?

We developed our unique delivery system in order to be able to give our horses supplements in one easy-to-use Majesty's Wafer™. Powders and liquids work well (we use pharmaceutical grade supplements in similar amounts to other products on the market). However, many horses will often eat feed while ignoring any top dressed feed. Unlike with powders and liquids, Majesty's Wafers™ always deliver the optimal amount of supplements to your horse, every time!

How many Majesty's Wafer™ does a horse need?

We believe a 1200 pound horse requires about one wafer daily. If certain conditions are present, or your vet suggests it, increase daily dosage to two wafers per day.

How can we be certain the wafer has what you say it has in it?

We have developed a proprietary process to ensure every supplement stays within the wafer. We test frequently to make sure everything is as we say it is!

Will this product mold?

No. We have done extensive mold testing at various temperatures and have not had any mold develop.

Can I stop using a supplement once I see improvements?

Unfortunately, most supplements need to be present and absorbed into the horse's system daily in order to be effective. If you discontinue usage after the problems go away, most likely the problems will return.

Is this an effective product?

We are using wafers as a way to make sure your horse gets the correct amount of supplement you desire. The wafer is secondary to the support. In other words, wafers are carriers to make it easy to supplement and to make sure your horse gets exactly what you paid for.

Our children want to feed our horse but we have to go out and mix powder in the feed. Will this give our children the ability to handle the whole thing?

Absolutely! Just have them give the horse one or two wafers along with the feed.

Is there a different dosage for loading?

With all of our products, but Omega, we recommend loading for 30 days with two wafers a day, then cutting back to one. With Omega products, no loading is necessary.

How expensive is this product?

At maintenance level, based on an average retail price, you will spend about half of what other supplements cost to use Majesty's Wafers™.

What happens if we give more than one or two wafers to our horse?

These supplements will not harm your horse unless given in extreme amounts. Contact your veterinarian if an overdoes is suspected.

What happens if our horse will not eat the wafer?

We guarantee feedability! Some horses, especially picky eaters, will chew up and spit out wafers for the first few days and then begin eating them regularly after that. If, after five days, a horse will not eat our wafers, return the product to your dealer (with the receipt) and they will refund your purchase price.

Is each wafer exactly the same size?

With our manufacturing process, we can produce 0.8 ounce wafers (+/- 4 grams). Remember, when using a measuring cup or scoop for liquids or powders, you are not getting the exact same amount every time.

My horse is diabetic. Can I use these wafers?

Check with your veterinarian first! The molasses in each wafer is less than 1/6 oz and the amount of applesauce is less than 1/10 oz...hardly enough to make a difference in a 1000 lb. animal.

Where can I get Majesty's Wafers™?

Most tack and feed stores are carrying this revolutionary new product! You can also check our web site, www.majestys.com, for the name of the store nearest to you! If there is no store near you, we can fulfill your order from our website.