Why Majesty’s

majesty's animal supplementsMajesty's Animal Nutrition was started by horse people for horse people. We recognized the difficulty in using powder and liquid supplements and nutrients for horses.

We always had problems top dressing feed...our grand children couldn't feed the horses...the ones we wanted to supplement had to be fed separately from the rest of the horses...when they were on pasture, we had to grain them to get supplement into them...and, of course the cost.

We set out to develop a new and easier delivery system less expensive for the horse owner. We invented an easy-to-use wafer made of molasses, oat and apple sauce processed to assure you everything we put in the wafer remains in the wafer. In other words, they cannot be baked due to temperature sensitivity of supplements and nutrients. We achieve about a 98% feedability with this product.

We have a full line of Majesty's Wafers for horses and a line, Majesty’s Buddy Bites, for your dogs. Majesty’s Buddy Bites also comes in a grain-free formula as well as our original formula.

Try Majesty's Wafers and Majesty’s Buddy Bites! Your horses and dogs will be healthier...will get the supplement and nutrient you paid for...you will save some money...and you will have more time to enjoy your favorite animal friends!