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Why Majesty’s

Majesty’s Animal Nutrition is a family owned business that was created in 2001, by horse people for horse people, after seeing firsthand the difficulty in using powder or liquid supplements/nutrients for horses. Top dressing, or adding supplements to their feed, was difficult to do with multiple horses when each have their own individual needs. It was a never-ending challenge between separating the horses we needed to supplement, ensuring each horse was receiving the correct amount of supplement, and the cost. Something needed to change!

We set out to find a solution and have worked hard to develop a new and easier delivery system, that was also less expensive for the horse owner. We invented an easy-to-use wafer made out of molasses, oat, and apple sauce that could be processed without any need to bake the ingredients. Without the need to bake the wafers we can guarantee that what supplements and nutrients we have added will stay in the product and make its way to our horses. And the horses love it! (We’ve achieved about 98% feedability with this product and continue to make improvements, such as adding Peppermint flavors, when we see fit).

We now have a full line of Majesty’s Wafers for horses, which includes 8 different products to choose from and a full line of Majesty’s Buddy Bites for you dog! Majesty’s Buddy Bites come in either our grain-free or original formula and have paired nicely with our newly formulated Charlee Chews, now made with K-Thrive for added support for your pup!

Try Majesty’s Wafers and Majesty’s Buddy Bites today! Your horses and dogs will be happier and healthier, and you will always know you are getting what you paid for every time! And best of all you will have more time to enjoy with your favorite animal friends!