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Keep your Dogs skin and coat healthy

by Kamie Roth July 23, 2017

Keep your Dogs skin and coat healthy

It’s that time of year when your family members can have seasonal allergies!

Have you noticed your dog becoming itchy, having inflammation, or hot spots on the skin? Or maybe having ear problems or constantly chewing on his paws? Those are all common symptoms of Allergies in dogs. Just like humans, our pets can have allergies too. They can start out as seasonal and move into all year long if not treated properly. You can take steps to prevent exposure, manage the symptoms, and boost your pet’s immune system. Starting with the right diet and adding in supplements can be very beneficial.

The Omegas are the fatty acid found in fish oils. The Omega 3, is lacking in most food sources so they should be added as a supplement. Omega 6 is also essential for dogs. Having a balanced ratio of the Omega’s is very important, such as a 2 to 1 ratio for the Omega 6 and 3. This link is a great article to get more info on Omega’s.

Article: Read

The other ingredients that are beneficial for skin and coat health is Apple Cider Vinegar and Chia Seed. Apple Cider Vinegar aides in repelling biting insects (fleas, ticks, etc.) and helps with detoxification. Chi Seed supports a healthy coat and reduces inflammation. Check out our New CHARLEE CHEWS for a healthy and nutritional treat!

Choosing the right supplement for your family member is key to having the correct balance for what your pet needs. Check out our Buddy Bites Skin & Coat for your dog and the Omega for your horse. Remember it all comes down to knowing what your family member needs and doing research for the right product! Have a great and healthy summer!

Kamie Roth