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Fireworks, Thunder, and Dogs...Oh My!

by Kamie Roth June 21, 2017

Fireworks, Thunder, and Dogs...Oh My!

Do you have a dog that is scared of fireworks, thunderstorms, or has high anxiety?

Finding the right product for your family member can be tricky. First you need to find the anxiety point, then look at multiple products to help him or her out! Comparing products can be hard, start with the most basic ingredients and look at each one separately to see the benefits of using them. After you have done your research, the next steps should be much easier to understand. When deciding which ingredients are beneficial then you can look at different products and understand why they are combined to create the supplement that is on the market.

The most frequent question with Calming supplements is, “Will this really work on my dog?” To get the answer to that, you must do your own research. Remember, just like humans every dog is different. Sometimes one product will work for one dog and not another.

“Will this really work on my dog?”

This is when you can look at the Blends of ingredients that are used within one product. If you check out Majesty’s Buddy Bites Kalm+Kool, you can see the example of multiple ingredients used. Trusting the company that has the supplement on the market is a positive, but be willing to try new things as well. Sometimes you can also get a sample from certain companies, and or they will have a 100% guarantee of their product. For these options, you can contact the company direct or even ask your friends that you trust!

There are certain products on the market that you can use daily or just when needed…this is another thing to really think about when choosing a calming supplement. You should focus the individual needs for Your dog. The other piece of information I suggest is checking out the milligram levels per dose you are giving to your family member. Sometimes you will end up spending a lot of $$ because of the amount you will need to give to them. Make sure to break down the cost per dose and know that it is the correct amount for Your dog. Some companies break it down by the weight of the dog, and to me that makes the most sense.

As we continue on our search for the right products for our own animals, you can continue to use these tools for any type of animal and supplement on the market.

Happy 4th of July to you and your amazing family members!!

Kamie Roth