Joint Supplements...The Choices!

by Kamie Roth July 23, 2019

Joint Supplements...The Choices!

Joint Supplements..."What is Your Why?"

Do you take Joint Supplements?  What is your "Why"... Then think about what is your "Why" for your pet? We give our animals joint supplements for similar reasons we take them.  Think about it, when you get up in the morning and you notice you are a little stiff, sore or your muscles just ache.  This can make you feel...just uncomfortable. And, How is your mood? Well, Probably not too great. Just like people, pets can feel it too.  Now think about the "Why" for your pet. 


Giving joint supplements to our pets is something that we can choose to do to help give them support. There are so many different supplements out there that choosing the one for your pet can take some research. Before choosing an particular supplement, try to figure out some of the symptoms he or she is having. The symptoms vary in many ways for each individual pet, keep in mind your pet's natural behaviors and compare the differences. 

When realizing there could be a joint issue with your pet, you might see these symptoms:

    • Inflammation or swelling of the affected area
    • Redness, which can be follow by a warming sensation
    • Pain or uncomfortable feeling with even the slightest movement, you can normally see signs when your pet is trying to be active or play.
    • Difficulty in moving in the joint area…Such as standing, sitting, laying down, and limping.
    • Changes in Mood, they might be cranky and want to just sit or lounge around all day because they are having a hard time with mobility. 

There is also another factor that may presents itself, The Aging Factor...

As our animals age, the body no longer produces some of the natural chemicals efficiently.  In Joint damage, our bodies can lose efficiency in recuperating the regeneration of cells.  This can also create a silent inflammation.  If your pet is young at heart and loves to be very active, you might notice some small signs, like laying down or moving slower than normal.  This is a very natural aging process, but there are so many things we can do to help them be more comfortable. Once you have studied the behaviors of your pet, then it is always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian. so together you can come up with . game plan. 


A Lot of Joint Supplements out there:

Which one is right for your pet? (this is the BIG question) With so many different brands available, research, asking questions, and your veterinarian can help you reach the best choice for you and your pet. These 3 steps will help the process along...

  • Types of Supplement (Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin etc, or a blend of different supplements)
  • Levels of supplements, the doses that are correct for your pet. (how many milligrams or kilograms per dose or daily)
  • How to administer the supplement to your pet:  Supplements are available in different forms; pills, liquid, powders, and wafers. 

In choosing these 3 things, then you can really break it down to figure out what brand has the correct product for you and your pet. Keep in mind when choosing a brand, having trust and confidence in the products and the company plays a big role in the decision process!


One thing to remember when giving supplements is to "Stay Consistent"...

Again, just like us, our animals need to take their vitamins as directed on the label of the product you choose and at the correct dose.  Most supplements need to be present and absorbed into the animal’s system daily. If you discontinue usage after the problems start to go away, they could easily return. Your family member could become quite uncomfortable again, and we do not want that!  Remember to consult your vet and to utilize all the information given on the Product facts and supplement levels of each product you are thinking about giving your family member. This is a decision that is very important to keep your pet happy and healthy!

I hope this helps in the tough decision making process we all face to keep our families safe, healthy and Happy! 

Keep it Simple and Enjoy Life!


Kamie Roth


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